I thought I would share some of my saved pictures and captions. They all sit in a password protected file in my computer. 

I took the opportunity I have at my internship to write possibly the first positive article about Harry Styles in media

From a Japanese Magazine. Beautiful pictures.

If this doesn’t brighten up your day, I don’t know what will. 

what kind of boyfriend do you think Niall would be?

I think he would be really laid back and chilled out (and so I think he would need a girl who was the same). He would be content with hanging out at home or just going to a pub to just hang out with the people he cares about. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while and I really think he does know how to treat a woman. He’s a really open and compassionate person, so I think that would be a big part of his relationship. And he would treat her right, that’s the biggest thing. It wouldn’t be all about him, it would be about them together having fun. And I imagine there would be a lot of laughter. 

People who are beyond the level of human

  • Zayn
  • Zayn Malik

and a happy New Year

Something I’ll never understand about people who analyze pictures

I was thinking about all those people who look at photos and suddenly decide that Harry’s not happy or Louis isn’t happy (with Eleanor or not this isn’t really a “larry” or “beard” thing that I’m talking about but it pertains to it)

Pictures are taken in a fraction of a second. A click of a button and you have this photo. A photo that people look at and think they can tell everything about someone’s life from. This is a fraction of a second that you are taking. A fraction of a second from a 24 hour day in a seven day week in a 52 week, year. A fraction of a second that this person was in public of all the hours they spend alone or with their families or friends. If someone isn’t smiling for just that moment, it’s captured and suddenly they’re not happy. If in that moment they don’t look the way people think they should or how people think it’s normal to look, there’s something wrong. And that’s how rumors start. 

The thing is…not only can I tell their voices apart in songs, I can now also tell which guys are harmonizing at what times.  

Yet I still couldn’t tell you which family member is calling my name from downstairs. 

i totally agree with what you posted. I think it's also the fact that we've all built up an image of what it would be like to be with him, thinking he would be the perfect guy for each and every one of us. In reality, I think a lot of us do this to still have hope that we'll find someone someday but it's hard when you're alone and 1/5 of the people you idolize has found someone else that makes them happy when you're miserable at home in front of a computer thinking about how pathetic you are,

I mean that’s also part of it. Not to say that everyone is miserable behind a computer but I mean…here I am. It’s nice to be able to daydream about what it would be like. In the end we don’t actually know any of them. It’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re so involved in your own world but we just need to give them some space to breathe and live their lives the way they want to. 

An unpopular opinion from a Harry girl.

(Keep in mind throughout that I’m not talking about Kendall, I’m talking in a general sense)

First, I know how everyone feels. It’s rough to see Harry with someone who’s not you. Because at least when he’s single (even if you know you’ll never be with him) there’s still that .0000001% chance. And it sucks to think that even that tiny bit of hope could turn into a 0%. 

But the thing is, at the end of the day he’s human. When Harry gets a girlfriend, because it’s inevitable, we have to remember that he’s a person. He’s a normal guy with normal needs. He loves what he does, and he takes everything with stride. He signed up to make people happy, and for that to make him happy. He didn’t sign up for people to dictate who he can and can’t be with. Just let him be. He deserves happiness as much as any of us. 

They literally make us so happy, why can’t we just return the favor and allow them to be with who makes them happy?

What is your favorite song on MM? Happily and Through the Dark I'm pretty sure are my frontrunners right now

Definitely those two are great but my absolute favorite is Right Now (Half a Heart is a close second)


I see the resemblance 

I think my dash did one of those things that everyone’s always talking about