rereading your fics and i noticed zayn was totally secretly in love with zana the entire time

You’re about the fifth person who has told me that and I would just like to say that it was completely unintentional. But when I read them back I can see it. 

Thank you for your fanfiction, truly a really enjoyable read :)

Thank you for reading it <3

Can I just say that your fan fic is the most amazing and unique fan fiction I have ever read. I've read it 10 times straight through, amazing xx

Thanks so much. That means a lot. 10 times? Wow get a life (I’m kidding) thank you :)

Which chapter has the part where Zana's writing for a paper? I can't seem to find it. Thank you!

I think it’s “Misery” in ‘The Journals’. One of the more quotable (and unnecessarily dramatic) chapters I’ve written :) 

when you’re at a party trying to be discrete about how much you’re eating


Yeah that’s about right.

I wish I had the opportunity to tell Harry that Sagrada Familia is not a cathedral. I would spend days talking to him about Gaudi's architecture and about Spanish art in general. As art historian, his interest on art is one of the things I love the most about him.

That sounds sexy. Not even being sarcastic. Bang in a gallery to top off the lesson.

I’m trash.

I just wanted to say, I genuinely miss your writing. Also, just to emphasize how much i love your writing, I would like to first point out that I love reading. I've read a lot of books, but you're story has to be hands down in my top 3 favorites of anything i've ever read. (not sure if that's grammatically correct but fuck it) I've seriously read the whole thing through about 5 times, and never get sick of it. Just basically thanks for writing something so amazing.

You actually have no idea how much that means to me especially today when all day I was in a failure kind of mood. Thank you. Hopefully you’ll get to read something new when I post the newest scene (it’ll probably be as long as or longer than an actual chapter). 

Here’s the promised teaser of the next “Deleted Scene”

It’s not so much a deleted scene as it is a chapter. I took the first chapter of “The Journals” (because it was one of my favorites to write) and re-wrote it from Harry’s perspective. That’s what a lot of you submitted as ideas so I took the suggestion. It seems to be working out so far. 

It’s not done but here’s the teaser :)

I’m working on a new deleted scene but I figured it might take a little while so I’ll just tell you what it’s about

For those who have read my stories, this is just to let you know that there’s something to look forward to coming very soon. Right now I’m re-writing the first chapter of “The Journals” but from Harry’s perspective. What do you think?

Could you post the link to New York please? I'm on mobile&cant find it! Thank you darling

Sorry I just got home but here’s everything:

Do you think that that old nude back in txf days is really harry?

I really don’t. It’s just too convenient that the flash is covering his face and people can claim that it’s him. Other than the two of them having the same hair, there really isn’t any evidence to show that it is him. 

I guess the pool scene don't fit in the fic or it does? I mean, I remember their first kiss was when Harry fought with Ian or am I wrong? Btw, I loved it. I laughed a lot through the innuendos.

Yeah, none of the extra scenes fit in the story. They’re just things I thought up. The first kiss was on her birthday in New York. Thank you though, glad you liked it.

The resemblance between Ed Sheeran lyrics and Hana is not normal. Once again his new song, 'Friends', is like made for them.

It really does. This is crazy.