About to read for the third time. And I'll probably still cry. X

I hope you do. Not in a mean way but in a “I like when you cry over my words because it’s flattering” way.

Can you post your new york fanfic please I'm on mobil

Here you go :) 

New York: 


The Journals: 


When people say they don’t find Harry attractive and you can tell it’s because they don’t “wanna be like everyone else”

Kill me please (credit) 8/19/14

I don’t want to meet Harry Styles

I don’t want to meet him with a million people around shoving to be able to see him. I don’t want to meet him only to say, ‘hi’ and take a “selfie.” I don’t want to meet him with cameras flashing pictures in his face so that he walks away thinking, “that was insane.” Because that’s not meeting him. 

I want to run into him on an empty street or happen to be sitting next to him on a subway where no one else recognizes him and be able to have a conversation for a few minutes. Not an “I love you so much, I love your band so much please take a picture with me” conversation but an actual conversation where who he is doesn’t matter. I want to talk to him like he’s a person and not like he’s the face I just walked past on the cover of the magazine in the shop. And I want him to walk away remembering what we talked about and the bad jokes we may have told each other. 

But maybe that’s unreasonable and it’s very unlikely so that’s why I would rather not meet him at all. 

About Harry's reaction to the "joke" about his hair: I don't know if I'm more disgusted with the fan who brought the poster to the show or with people's reaction on Twitter. All I can see is: "That fan was rude but I agree and I'm sure I can express my opinion without offend him." No, there are certain things about whom you shouldn't express your opinion (read judge), and physical appearance is one of them. Simply because is not your body and that body is not made for you to like it. (C)


I agree. It was really wrong of that person to write that sign. And it’s wrong of any of us to demand anything from any of the boys at any time. When you idolize someone so often you tend to forget that they’re human beings too with thoughts and feelings. And you don’t think about how things affect them in that respect. They don’t owe us anything but music and kindness. We, as a whole fandom, need to let go of the idea that we can have or that we do have control of any aspect of their personal lives. 

"All his little things"

Okay so I’ve listened to a whole bunch of live recordings of ‘Little Things’ on this tour and I’ve heard it live myself twice. I know a lot of people are freaking out thinking Harry is saying, “and all his little things” but I’m about 90% sure that he’s saying “these.” I’m pretty open minded when it comes to interpretations of these things and I could be wrong but that is the actual lyric as well:

I’m strangely attracted to Harry’s man bun.

Love your fanfic so much, it's amazing and reflects their personalities so well xo

Thaaaaaaaanks. Means a lot that you even gave it a chance and read it let alone enjoyed it as much as you did.

What am I even doing with my life

rereading your fics and i noticed zayn was totally secretly in love with zana the entire time

You’re about the fifth person who has told me that and I would just like to say that it was completely unintentional. But when I read them back I can see it. 

Thank you for your fanfiction, truly a really enjoyable read :)

Thank you for reading it <3

Can I just say that your fan fic is the most amazing and unique fan fiction I have ever read. I've read it 10 times straight through, amazing xx

Thanks so much. That means a lot. 10 times? Wow get a life (I’m kidding) thank you :)

Which chapter has the part where Zana's writing for a paper? I can't seem to find it. Thank you!

I think it’s “Misery” in ‘The Journals’. One of the more quotable (and unnecessarily dramatic) chapters I’ve written :)