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If this doesn’t brighten up your day, I don’t know what will. 

what kind of boyfriend do you think Niall would be?

I think he would be really laid back and chilled out (and so I think he would need a girl who was the same). He would be content with hanging out at home or just going to a pub to just hang out with the people he cares about. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while and I really think he does know how to treat a woman. He’s a really open and compassionate person, so I think that would be a big part of his relationship. And he would treat her right, that’s the biggest thing. It wouldn’t be all about him, it would be about them together having fun. And I imagine there would be a lot of laughter. 

People who are beyond the level of human

  • Zayn
  • Zayn Malik

An unpopular opinion from a Harry girl.

(Keep in mind throughout that I’m not talking about Kendall, I’m talking in a general sense)

First, I know how everyone feels. It’s rough to see Harry with someone who’s not you. Because at least when he’s single (even if you know you’ll never be with him) there’s still that .0000001% chance. And it sucks to think that even that tiny bit of hope could turn into a 0%. 

But the thing is, at the end of the day he’s human. When Harry gets a girlfriend, because it’s inevitable, we have to remember that he’s a person. He’s a normal guy with normal needs. He loves what he does, and he takes everything with stride. He signed up to make people happy, and for that to make him happy. He didn’t sign up for people to dictate who he can and can’t be with. Just let him be. He deserves happiness as much as any of us. 

They literally make us so happy, why can’t we just return the favor and allow them to be with who makes them happy?


I see the resemblance 

"how are you feeling about midnight memories"

Well that just about sums up my life

I forgot to post it but last Friday was my 19th birthday, and this was my cake

My dash kind of just…

For the last time ever…here’s the newest (and final) chapter of The Journals. Also with an epilogue and a link to a twitcam

You can read the new chapter here

Read the epilogue here

(here is the full page for the sequel)

Read the original popular fanfic “New York” here

Read the reviews to the original here

And if you prefer wattpad it’s also here

Wattpad says it’s rated R but it’s not wattpad is full of pussies just because I used the word fuck…a few times


Here is the summary for the original “New York”

Zana is a normal girl going to school and living in New York City. She does normal things like shop, eat more than she should and regret it later, sleep, oh yeah and befriend the world’s biggest boy band. But that’s just a side note really. The day she decided to sip hot coco like a mature adult in an upscale cafe was the day her life was changed forever. From talking to herself in her head, to saying the wrong things out loud she’s quite something and everyone sees it. Especially Harry Styles who takes a special interest in her but her morals get in the way. Her head says “Screw morals and buy a push-up bra” her heart says “stop being a whore”. This is the hilarious account of how she learned to deal with her 5 new best friends Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis.

I remember I was looking for one direction blogs to follow and somehow i came across yours (I'm pretty sure it was the URL that caught my attention). as i was creeping you, i saw "fan fiction" and id never read a fanfic until new york. i remember reading the summary & laughing so hard that tears were forming. im so proud of how far you've come & ive been here since 'new york' so it feels like ive grown with you. its sad knowing its ending, but i just wanted to say thank you for everything (c)


Well…this is the first message to actually make me cry so thank you for that. I think you’ve summed up my emotions perfectly except that’s how I feel about you guys because without readers (even if it was just 10) I wouldn’t even be writing so thank you all a million times more than you’re thanking me. 

The real mystery of your stories it isn't if Harry and Zana will end up together or not, the real question is why the hell 'New York' and 'The Journals' are not known for every single person in this fandom. It's sad to see how a bunch of unjustified sex scenes have more power than real talent. Very sad.

It’s alright…the people who do read it are enough for me :) 

But maybe one day when it’s over who knows what will happen. Most artists weren’t even well known until they were dead and gone. So maybe these stories will have their time when they’re over.

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